Bose SoundLink Mobile Passes On AirPlay For Bluetooth A2DP Streaming

Bose has a new toy for your desktop. The Soundlink Mobile builds on the company’s SoundDock pedigree but ditches the physical dock in favor for a bit of streaming magic. But no AirPlay here. Bose instead employs Bluetooth A2DP, which works with most Bluetooth-enabled devices rather than just the fruity ones. Awesome.

The unit itself is about the size of a hardcover book and features a decidedly retro leather or nylon lid that folds back to double as a stand. A lithium-ion battery pack is said to provide eight hours of playback at reasonable levels and less if the party gets out of control. And it very well might, too. Bose has backed this little guy with more speakers than some compact cars.

Two “waffle” woofers flank four midrange drivers. This configuration is said to provide full sound without causing the speaker to walk around the desk. Bose of course doesn’t talk specs, but the company’s older iPod docks are still some of the best sounding models so the SoundLink likely rocks just fine. However, it remains to be heard if the sound justifies the $300 price tag — $350 if you opt for the chrome/leather model. Both models are available now with additional nylon covers costing $30 each, while the tan leather cover costs $50.

Big props to Bose. Thank you for building a device that uses an industry standard rather than an iOS-only technology. I mean that. As an Android user, it’s frustrating watching the hot new accessories only work with the iPhone. I’ve never said this before, but good job, Bose.