Over 1 Billion People Use Social Networks Today, And Other Stats

The slidedeck below just landed in my inbox (actually, a link to a Slideshare presentation, which is infinitely better). The sender: InSites Consulting, one of Europe’s finest research firms imho.

The topic: Social media around the world (facts and figures about social media in 30+ countries).

Findings from the research that stood out as far as I’m concerned: according to InSites, the awareness for Facebook is no less than 100% in the respondents’ countries, and more than 1 billion people – or roughly 70 percent of the online population – use social networks today.

Another key finding: it will be incredibly difficult for new social networks to succeed – 60% of respondents say they don’t need new social networks, and 93% say they’re content with what they have today. InSites: “Big social networks will get bigger. Small ones will get smaller.”

Way more social media-related facts and figures in the 167 slides below: