Intel: 75 Million 2nd Generation Core CPUs Shipped, Fastest Selling CPU In Company’s History

Intel clearly has a hit on its hands. Mooly Eden, vice president and general manager of the PC Client Group, took to the IDF 2011 stage today and announced several things including that, as this posts headline states, the company’s current crop of Core CPUs, codenamed Sandy Bridge, is Intel’s fastest selling platform yet with more than 75 million chips shipped. This major milestone comes as Intel’s next big thing, ultrabooks, are about to hit retailers.

Eden went on to state that by Intel estimates approximately 1 million computers are sold each day with emerging markets leading the growth. Intel likely hopes ultrabooks will spur a revival and bump that number up even higher.

Of course more Sandy Bridge chips will ship before its successor hits computers. The first generation of these ultraportable notebooks will sport Sandy Bridge chips, further extending the sales record, but later versions, will feature 3rd generation chips built around a new 22nm architecture.

Intel has invested heavily in Ultrabooks. Per Eden the first phase is currently underway with the first products hitting retailers this holiday season and phase two comes when Ivy Bridge chips bow in 2012. But then in 2013, phase 3 starts with the power-friendly 22nm “Haswell” processor, which was demonstrated on stage today and is said to allow for unprecedented battery life. By then Windows 8 will be out and the two will likely team up for the next phase of personal computing — or at least I hope.