Meet The Startups That Made It To The TC Disrupt Battlefield (SF 2011)

Below are the 29 startups that were chosen, out of roughly 650 applicants, to pitch their business ideas over the next few days at the Startup Battlefield competition during the TechCrunch Disrupt event in San Francisco. This will obviously be super intense – but also very exciting for both them and the audience.

One of these companies will take home $50,000 and the official TechCrunch Disrupt trophy.

<< Session 1 – Disrupting Traditional Markets >>

Tonara (websiteCrunchBase profile)

Farmigo (websiteCrunchBase profile)

HouseFix (websiteCrunchBase profile)

Openbucks (websiteCrunchBase profile)

CakeHealth (websiteCrunchBase profile)

<< Session 2< – Moving The Web Forward >>

Spool (websiteCrunchBase profile)

Verious (websiteCrunchBase profile)

Pressly (websiteCrunchBase profile)

Bitcasa (websiteCrunchBase profile)

Everpix (websiteCrunchBase profile)

<< Session 3 – Entertain Us >>

Shaker (websiteCrunchBase profile)

YouNow (websiteCrunchBase profile)

Amen (websiteCrunchBase profile)

Idle Games (website – CrunchBase profile)

Questli (Audience Choice) (websiteCrunchBase profile)

<< Session 4 – Customer-friendly Enterprise >>

TalkTo (websiteCrunchBase profile)

Rewardli (websiteCrunchBase profile)

SizeUp (websiteCrunchBase profile)

Trello (website – CrunchBase profile)

Prism Skylabs (websiteCrunchBase profile)

<< Session 5 – Local Networks >>

Postmates (websiteCrunchBase profile)

Trippy (websiteCrunchBase profile)

Local Hero (website – CrunchBase profile)

Grow The Planet (websiteCrunchBase profile)

Meexo (websiteCrunchBase profile)

Rentlord (websiteCrunchBase profile)

<< Session 6 – Increasing Understanding >>

JiffPad (websiteCrunchBase profile)

Vocre / MyLanguage (websiteCrunchBase profile)

PlaySay (websiteCrunchBase profile)

GoInstant (websiteCrunchBase profile)

CardFlick (Audience Choice) (websiteCrunchBase profile)