Let’s Drink Tonight Helps You Find People To Drink With

Team Let’s Drink Tonight, consisting of developers Zephyr Pellerin, Allen Romero, Jeremia Kimelman and Hunter Hastings, took advantage of its opportunity at the TechCrunch Disrupt Hackathon and attempted to solve the age old conundrum of not having anybody to drink with.

Users who desire company while they imbibe can sign into Lets Drink Tonight and answer four hard-hitting profile questions along the lines of “Coolest person I’ve shared a drink with?” and “Favorite drink?…” They can then select their location and whether they want to drink with Facebook Friends or whether they’re feeling like meeting new people.

The app will then text you if there’s someone around you ready to drink. Not a recipe for disaster, at all. Nope.

So thus far I’ve put in my info and let the world know that I’m available for drinks, but the app’s suggestion — a Mr. Vinodh Kumar — doesn’t seem to be available (as in the link to his profile isn’t working). Guess I’m going to have go home and write about startups launching at TechCrunch Disrupt instead.

Let’s Drink Tonight backstage interview above, and Hackathon presentation below.