Watch Windows 8 Boot In 10 Seconds, Live Life A Quarter Mile At A Time

My overclocked quad-core beast of a desktop takes 3 minutes to start after loading Windows 7, never mind the time it takes to POST and run through all the pre-Windows crap — and that’s with Soluto installed. The quick demo after the break shows a notebook booting from a hard power start to Windows 8 in 10 seconds flat. That’s about the time it took you to read my silly post that I’m required to write instead of just posting the video with the quick message of “Watch this. It’s awesome.”

Microsoft achieves this quick boot by writing the kernel sessions to disk, essentially putting the computer in hibernation mode rather than shutting it down completely. This improves boot time by 30-70% since the computer doesn’t have to load all the drivers and services every time. More here

Microsoft is set to unveil Windows 8 at its BUILD conference next week and will likely turn to quick videos like this to showcase its upcoming OS.