Unity Embraces The Heart Of The Gaming World, Launches A Tokyo Division

While gaming has spread its tentacles throughout the world and major game development houses can be found everywhere from Calgary to Cambridge, there’s one place that will pretty much always be considered the center of the gaming world: Tokyo. What better place, then, to focus your efforts on winning over the hearts and minds of local developers?

This morning, Unity Tech (the folks behind the rapid game development engine Unity) are announcing that they’re making the jump into Japan with a new subsidiary in Tokyo.

For those who may not have tinkered with it: Unity is a visual game development tool for quickly building complex games that can be compiled for Windows, Mac, and, with a bit of tweaking iOS, Android, and most of the current-gen consoles. It’s not drag-and-drop by any means, but it’s markedly more accessible than the vast majority of alternatives.

The new division’s primary goals with be product localization, sales, and support — in other words, it’s their job to convince the Japanese developer population that their cross-platform development engine is the way of the future.

The team leading the new effort is none too shabby, with execs like John Goodale (previously of Activision, Sega, and Crytek) and Shinobu Toyoda (previously the Executive Vice President for Sega of America) hopping on board. Not bad for a little company that launched out of Denmark just five or six years ago, right?

If nothing else, this ought to lead to a sudden spike in the number of Unity-powered Dating Sims, right? Ba dum tsss!