Nokia Exec Leaves After 21 Years To Start ‘Vision+’ Fund, Promptly Partners With Nokia

Nokia this morning announced that Tero Ojanperä, former CTO and currently Executive Vice President and a member of the company’s ‘Leadership Team’, is leaving the flailing phone manufacturer at the end of this month, after serving Nokia for 21 years.

He will take on a new role as managing partner of a new investment fund called Vision+. Amusingly, Vision+ has already formed a deep partnership with Ojanperä’s former employer.

Vision+ is an investment fund, run independently but with Nokia as an ‘anchor investor’, that will back product development projects, specifically targeting app and games development for Nokia’s ecosystem and even more specifically the Windows Phone platform.

The fund aims to expand into other areas, including cleantech, in the future.

On a sidenote: BT actually sells a digital TV recorder product called the Vision+ box – obviously not related.