Nokia Debuts Two New Phones For Emerging Markets: Nokia 101 ($35) And Nokia 100 ($30)

Nokia this morning announced the launch of two dirt cheap phones, the Nokia 101 and Nokia 100, which the company says are its most affordable phones to date.

Priced only 25 euros ($35) and 20 euros ($30), respectively, that should hardly be a surprise.

Of course, ‘dirt cheap’ is relative – the feature phones are meant for people in countries where phones have to be this inexpensive to even be considered for purchase (large parts of Africa and Asia, in particular).

“We recognize that for many of the next billion people, a phone purchase is an investment. People are looking for a phone that offers great features but also one that is dependable,” said Mary McDowell, EVP, Mobile Phones, Nokia.

The Nokia 101 is a dual SIM device that enables users to connect to two different networks to receive calls and messages, helping them manage costs and maintain decent coverage without the need for multiple phones. It comes with an FM radio, MP3 player and a 103 phon loudspeaker, and provides support for up to 16 GB microSD memory cards.

The phone will be available in the third quarter of 2011 and comes in black and red.

The Nokia 100 is a rudimentary color display phone with an FM radio. It will be available in the fourth quarter of 2011 and comes in blue, pink, black and red.

Both the Nokia 101 and Nokia 100 offer Nokia Life Tools (albeit limited to selected markets) and Nokia Money (in India), providing access to locally-relevant information on healthcare, education, agriculture and entertainment.

Both handsets are based on the Series 30 operating system and can support up to five separate address books and store personalization details for up to five different SIM cards.