The Newest Version Of Yahoo Mail Now Has 100 Million Monthly Active Users

The latest version of Yahoo Mail opened up to users a few months ago and the company is announcing a new milestone today—100 million monthly active users.

Additional features in the new version of Yahoo Mail include integrated notifications and messages from Facebook, Twitter, Zynga and other email providers within the interface. Yahoo has also made the client more customizable with 50 themes, improved search and made the client is speedier. Within Yahoo Mail, users can also use IM clients from Yahoo, Facebook, and Windows Live.

Yahoo has also announced that it is adding a few features after receiving customer feedback, including putting the message toolbar at the bottom of messages, the ability to switch between paginated and infinite scrolling views, and more.

As reported in May, Yahoo had close to 90 million accounts and is the largest email provider in the U.S. Worldwide, Yahoo has more than 289 million people using its email client. But the email service is facing increasing competition from other clients like Gmail and Microsoft Hotmail and is losing some of its marketshare.

For basis of comparison, Zynga’s CityVille crosses 100 million monthly active users in January.