Market Thinks ‘Googorola’ Deal Will Go Through, InterDigital Shares Tank

Google‘s stock price isn’t really going anywhere yet, while the market digests the news that the company is to acquire Motorola Mobility for $12.5 billion in cash (it dropped about 2 percent on market open but actually topped Friday close level for a while afterwards).

Motorola Mobility shares, meanwhile, soared close to 60 percent to $38.30. Google’s offer price is $40 a share, which is a 63 percent premium to Friday close.

The one company really taking a hit today after the news is InterDigital, which holds a good number of wireless patents, after having jumped quite a bit in the past two months.

Google was rumored to be interested in acquiring the mobile phone technology and licensing company – as well Apple, Samsung and others – but Google’s purchase of Motorola Mobility makes it far less likely that the company will buying InterDigital for its patent portfolio outright.

According to its website, InterDigital holds approximately 8,800 patents, and has almost 10,000 patent applications in process, worldwide.

InterDigital shares are down almost 22.5 percent to $58.75 at the time of writing.