Google Is Now The Proud Owner Of

It’s not exactly Googorola-sized news, but I just noticed that Google has very recently gained ownership over the domain (not worth linking as it is currently not in use – yet?).

Now, Google may have simply asked – or forced – the former owner to transfer ownership of the catchy domain name, so it doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s going to launch a product by that name (besides, they already own so why bother?).

For that and other reasons, I think it’s unlikely Google is planning to make the home for a new service, although I’ve been known to be wrong before. Either way, somewhat interesting.

After all, .me domain names are starting to get in vogue lately. Google worked on the project, for instance, and there are plenty of other examples such as, which was acquired by our parent company AOL, but also,,,,, and, a joint project from and The New York Times).

Then there are startups like Tango, Kiip and Formspring, which also went with .me domain names.

The list goes on: Facebook owns, WordPress owns, Yahoo owns, Microsoft owns, AOL owns, VKontakte owns, and Time Magazine owns

Google should probably have a chat with, by the way, as they own

According to a recent blog post by the .ME Registry, more than 530,000 .me domain names – in 200 countries – have been secured in the three years they’ve been publicly available for registration.

Google was smart enough to register a couple of .me domain names from the get-go, including,,,,,, and

For whatever reason, they missed out on and – but now they’ve solved half of that particular problem.