Reading In Four Dimensions: “Books Are Only Going To Get Better And Better, But There Will Be Fewer of Them”

Andrew Losowsky is having a busy week. For one thing, he has just been appointed the new Books Editor for the Huffington Post (disclosure: Aol blah blah blah) and his latest essay – Reading in Four Dimensions – has just been released as a Kindle Single.

In the essay, Andrew discusses the future of publishing and specifically how the Internet has added a forth dimension to the reading experience. It’s a fascinating essay (and a bargain at 99c) and provides a veritable Smörgåsbord for thought for any of us who are interested in the future of publishing, and the sharing of information. In the video below, Andrew shares some of the key points from the essay – how print brings permanence to digital publishing, how the concept of “publishing” has translated online and the value of paper books in our increasingly digital world.

Kindle users can read Reading in Four Dimensions here, in four dimensions. UK readers can find it here.