Snapette Wants To Be The Foodspotting For Fashion

Foodspotting has emerged as a popular way to to share photos of your favorite foods and dishes with your friends. Today, Snapette is trying to take Foodspotting’s model and apply this to fashion. The startup, which is part of the 500 Startups accelerator program, is launching is a free iOS app that allows women to discover and share photos in-store products by location and recommendations.

You can snap photos of your favorite bag, top, shoes accessory, pair of jeans or other fashion item, choose your location, comment on where you found the product (i.e. what store), and post this to Snapette. And other users can browse products near their current location or by their favorite store, or brand.

Women can also see what items are trending globally, or by their specific location. And other users can comment on photos and share tips and recommendations. Each user has a “virtual closet” profile page that collects and showcases photos of items they’ve Snapped, Like and Want, and you can also post your ‘Snapettes’ on Facebook and Tumblr.

In a separate section of the app titled Collections, Snapette features the boutiques in NYC, LA, SF and London. The startup has actually partnered with select retailer partners to provide Snapette users with an exclusive view of these stores’ current product offerings.