ZeroCater Raises $1.5 Million For No-Hassle Office Lunches

Apparently TechCrunch HQ isn’t the only office that hates having to deal with coordinating lunch.

Today ZeroCater, a startup that looks to help make your office’s lunchtime as painless as possible by handling all of the logistics for you (see our past coverage), is announcing that it has raised $1.5 million.

This new round is in addition to earlier investments from Y Combinator and StartFund (in fact, both SV Angel and Yuri Milner, who make up StartFund, have made additional investments). Here’s the full list of investors, which includes some big names:

Keith Rabois
Paul Buchheit
Vaizra International
Yuri Milner & Felix Shpilman
SV Angel
Start Fund
Stewart Alsop
Justin Kan
Emmett Shear
Othman Laraki
Gabor Cselle
Mark Friedgan
Alexander Goldstein
Starling Ventures

ZeroCater’s promise is to remove the hassle of ordering lunch for employees on a regular basis. Companies sign up, tell ZeroCater how many mouths they’re feeding and if anyone has special dietary requests, then lets ZeroCater arrange the rest. The startup works out deals with local restaurants to ensure prompt delivery — and because ZeroCater can guarantee large order sizes, high-end restaurants that wouldn’t typically offer delivery often participate. ZeroCater also does its best to rotate between different restaurants so you don’t get sick of eating the same thing over and over.

The service is currently available in the San Francisco Bay Area, and cofounder Arram Sabeti says that the startup plans to use the money to expand into other areas. Next up: New York City.