First Windows Phone Tango Device (Sort Of) Goes On Sale In Slovakia

Today’s tidbit of Tango news comes not from the far-flung Asian shores it is expected to storm, but rather the small, landlocked nation of Slovakia. As it turns out, the first Tango device has gone on sale, but probably not the one you were hoping for.

A photo has gone up on computer forum’s Facebook page advertising a HTC HD7 for sale with three choices of software: 7.0.7392, 7.10.7720 (Mango), 7.10.8200 (“Tango”). Awfully thoughtful of the salesman, yes?

As it turns out, the rabbit hole runs a little deeper. The Pretaktovanie forums are where the world caught its first glimpse of Tango and its Content Search functionality, posted by a moderator named Snake. Judging by the size and placement of the Windows button in relation to the screen, the device used to show off Content Search is very likely an HTC handset, and may well be the same HD7 that’s gone on sale.

Long story short, we may actually have a legitimate Tango device waiting for the first interested party willing to fork over €150. If all goes well and the buyer feels chatty, there could be much more Tango insight soon.

I’m almost tempted to go for it myself, but I don’t think I could make it fly on an expense report.

UPDATE: That was quick — the picture was just pulled from Facebook.