Nissan Sticks QR Codes On Vehicle Window Stickers

Car buying sucks but Nissan is trying to make it suck less by putting QR codes on vehicle window stickers. The thought is that buyers might want a little more info than the Maroni providers, and these QR codes are a direct link to Nissan. Jon Brancheau, Nissan’s VP of of Marketing calls the On Vehicle Graphics QR codes a “silent salesperson” but it’s more like a trustworthy salesperson. Amirite?

People shop for cars when its convenient for them. That doesn’t also coincide with dealership hours. This program runs on that vein and attempts to make it as easy as possible for buyers to get the info they need as quickly as possible.

The QR codes work with any smartphone QR reader app. The code will take you to an enhanced mobile site complete with videos, features, and vehicle inventory levels. Try it with the 2012 Altima QR code embedded here.

The system started rolling out on the 2012 Altima and Sentra lines but will eventually land on every product within the Nissan garage. Just scan and drive. (after you buy)