Rdio’s iPad App Now Available In The App Store

It took a bit longer than I’d have guessed, but the Rdio iPad app that we previewed a few weeks back is now available in the App Store.

As predicted, it’s the first of the big three on-demand, all-you-can-eat music streaming services (those being Rdio, Spotify, and MOG) to get an iPad app into the store. (Technically, Slacker was the first overall — they just don’t tend to get lumped in with the rest, as their on-demand music offering is a fairly new trick for them.)

So, what was the hang up? As far as I can tell: subscription details. We’d heard that Rdio and Apple were having some hang-ups as to how Rdio was allowed to market the subscription service within the app; as just about all such services have been dealing with lately, Apple wanted Rdio to handle all subscriptions through In-App Purchase (thus getting Apple their cut), and make no mention of being able to subscribe via the web. In the end, it looks like Rdio gave in (though they didn’t really have a choice), with one catch: through In-App Purchase, one month’s subscription will cost you $14.99. Through their own site, it’ll cost you just $9.99. Pro Tip: go through the site.

Be sure to check out our full preview of the Rdio iPad app here. Ready to dig into it yourself? Find it in the App Store here.