LinkedIn Now Adding Two New Members Every Second

In LinkedIn’s first earnings call as a public company, CEO Jeff Weiner revealed that LinkedIn is adding two new members every second, which is up from one member per second in November 2010. In Q2 alone, LinkedIn added 14 million members, after passing the 100 million mark earlier this year.

Weiner also said that the network is now north of 120 million members, so LinkedIn has added 5 million members in the past month. While LinkedIn’s IPO is a financial event for the company, some of this growth in membership could be the marketing influence of now being a public company. And LinkedIn’s IPO received a ton of media attention, as it was the first major social networking company to go public.

LinkedIn also revealed that over a third of its users are active once a month. That would mean a little over 40 million users are using the network actively. The company also said that the majority of its members us its free product.

And traffic is up. LinkedIn is seeing page views of 7.1 billion, an increase of 80% from the second quarter of 2010. Mobile page views for LinkedIn have increased approximately 400% year-over-year. LinkedIn now has more unique monthly visitors than MySpace and Twitter.

Weiner also added that LinkedIn will continuing to invest in mobile and will adding new mobile specific services to the network in the coming year. Additionally, LinkedIn will be updating the features of the homepage and company profiles.

In terms of competitors, Weiner commented in the call, “When we talk to our members, we hear the same thing, they want to keep their professional and personal lives separate.” Clearly he’s referring to competition from Facebook.

When asked about the recent issues with LinkedIn cutting of API access to certain developers, Weiner said the startups were not compliant with the developer TOS and said that they were basically spamming users.

Another area where LinkedIn could play in is the social enterprise communications arena, and when asked about the possibility of the network entering this space, Weiner gave a roundabout answer. We’re focused today on creating value for individual professionals, and they work for companies. Over time, I expect us to create more relevant products and services for them and where they work. It sounds like a social enterprise product is something LinkedIn is evaluating.

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