Honeycomb Hits The Logitech Revue, But You Have To Really Want It

GTVHackers has released an Android 3.1 beta built specifically for the Logitech Revue Google TV device. The hitch? It’s not quite ready for public consumption, it could destroy your user experience, and you could end up with a GTV that can’t be restored to its original OS or that is completely bricked.

You can download the update here and instructions are here.

This is BETA, it is not meant to be widely used and has bugs. If that’s something you don’t care about and would like to risk it anyway, install the update. Also, If you want to help Logitech and Google out buy another Revue ( preferably from logitech.com ), at $99 its worth every penny.

What does this add? Not much, yet, but the media player seems to be able to play more formats and Netflix doesn’t work. You can also install apps from the Android Market. Maybe you should just pick up the $99 device and wait for the update and, rest assured, it works and we like it.