OMG/JK: The Man In The Yellow Jacket

We’re back for a new episode of OMG/JK — featuring both of your hosts reunited in the TCHQ studio (I was back in SF for our Mobile First CrunchUp). Oh, and this episode also includes a cameo by a man in a large yellow jacket. I won’t spoil it.

We kick off this week’s episode by diving into Twitter’s new ad format, which allows brands to place Promoted Tweets at the top of their followers’ streams. Twitter has long been toying with various ad formats — will this one please users, or just annoy them?

Next up we have Facebook’s secret iPad application, which leaked out as part of an official update to its iPhone application. MG got his hands on the app and tested it before Facebook cut off access, and his first impressions are good — tune in to get the details.

Finally we discuss Airbnb’s recent fiasco, where a host had their home destroyed by guests,and how the startup has responded to the issue. Note that this episode was shot a few days ago, so we don’t discuss our most recent post about the situation.

Here are some posts relevant to this week’s episode:

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