Springboard Presents 10 Startup Graduates To Investors

href=”http://www.springboard.com”>Springboard accelerator programme in the UK today, which has joined Seedcamp, Startup Bootcamp and Hackfwd as one of the bigger programmes across Europe.

The startups to present were the following, (click the links to get our coverage of each company):

Adwings, Arachnys, Apiary, HubFlow, Mayday, MiniMonos, Playmob, Publification, Tastebuds.fm, and TotalGigs.

The teams have been through a 13 week bootcamp programme and come from across Europe. Each team gets a super low £15,000 of investment capital, reflecting the very product-oriented nature of this scheme. For that they take 6% in ordinary founder shares. Office space is free for the duration.

Springboard is backed by an angel investor syndicate, the Cambridge co-working facility ideaSpace, and the National Endowment for Science, Technology and the Arts (NESTA).