Nokia’s Ovi Store Serving Over 7 Million Downloads A Day

Nokia’s developer relations team would like you to remind you that Symbian has an App Store, called Ovi, and they’ve just surpassed 7.62 million downloads per day, thank you very much.

Their short announcement states that thanks to a recent change in the registration process – namely the removal of account requirements for the downloading of free apps – has sparked interest in the Ovi store. Most downloads are coming from India, making that country “the top country by downloads from the mobile web channel.”

These apps, designed for the Symbian phones Nokia is swiftly obsoleting, include titles like “Psycho Hunter” (“You play the game and we will tell your personality. It is simple game of deer hunt with good personality analysis tool for understanding your behavior and game play techniques. Test your friends for their psycho analysis.”) and something called Angry Birds which apparently involves pigs. Other hits include a few hundred flashlight apps and a Ukelele tuner.

While I am being a bit facetious, isn’t this a strange stat to crow on the eve of Microsoft and Nokia going all in to destroy the Symbian platform?