Right Angle LCD Watch Tells The Time But Tells It Slant

This TokyoFlash concept watch looks like it might be great for motorcyclists and other folks who have their wrists at eye-level most of the day. The watch has a digital display that is almost unreadable head on but appears, magically, when looked at at an angle.

Sadly, the watch does not yet exist but if there’s enough interest, TokyoFlash could make the timepiece a reality.

This concept wrist watch design has an LED backlight that will completely illuminate the screen at the touch of a button and in addition to this, it has built in USB memory so that you can store important files and secret documents and always have them securely located on your wrist. To access your files, simply connect the watch to your computer with the USB cable provided.

I personally really like this idea – it’s one of the first TF watches I’ve enjoyed in a long time – so here’s hoping it finally gets made. You can vote at the bottom of the project page.

Project Page