Belkinz Feedaway Cardboard High Chair: Folds Flat, Throw It Way When Soiled

While I’m sure these are 100% safe, it’s a little odd to see this wee one sitting in a Belkinz cardboard high chair that folds flat and is completely disposable if/when junior goes lateral on the mashed potatoes.

The kit, made by an Australian firm, is available for purchase but it might be a little hard to find around these parts. It is good for kids who are up to 20 months of age and seems like a perfect solution toting to restaurants, grandma’s house, and other places you might not want to drag your entire high chair.

The Feedaway is “safe, strong and stores away in a tiny space” and it is also presumably, in some way, water and fireproof. It takes about three minutes to assemble (once you’ve assembled a few of them). It is cut out of one sheet of cardboard “to minimize waste.” It’s been around for quite a while, actually, but only is just rolling out in retail quantities, which is kind of exciting in a boring, parents-of-a-young-child kind of way.

Product Page via Daddytypes