Yamgo TV Now Streaming Live TV To The HP TouchPad

HP TouchPads now have a bit video content thanks to the just-announced Yamgo TV app. Like the other mobile incarnations of this app, the webOS version streams live content from select networks directly to the tablet. For free.

The UK-based company already has apps out for nearly every platform including iOS, Android, and Blackberry. The service delivers live sports, news, music videos and entertainment shows directly to these devices. The TouchPad is just the latest device to get in on the fun.

“We are very pleased to work with such a significant and recognisable company as HP,” says Ian Mullins, CEO and Founder, Yamgo. “Our users enjoy live TV and video on demand on smartphones and tablets around the world, and now even more people will be able to experience everything our service has to offer – including the best live news, sports, music and entertainment television on the new and impressive platform from HP.”

The interface is a little busy and cluttered, but the service works as advertised. But don’t expect mainstream TV stations. Yamgo’s headliners out of its 41 stations include Fashion TV, Zee Entertainment and Outdoor Sport Channel. Once again, this is a free service to the user.

The HP TouchPad needs all the help it can get in the app department. The company needs to do whatever possible to court developers to webOS if the TouchPad is to have any chance in the tablet marketplace. This is just a start.