Live Webcast: The Google+ Team Answers Your Questions Thursday 5:45pm PT (TCTV)

One thing is for sure about Google+. Our readers sure do have a lot of questions about it. Yesterday, we invited you to submit questions for our TCTV interview with the two Googlers in charge of the Google+ project. We got such an overwhelming response so we decided to webcast the interview live. It will start right here in the Ustream player above, today (Thursday) at 5:45pm PT, 8:45pm ET.

Andrew Keen, host of “Keen On“, will speak with Google’s Product VP Bradley Horowitz and Senior VP of Social Vic Gundotra.

You can still submit questions before and during the live show. Not surprisingly, the most questions have come in at Google+ on this link.

We are also tracking questions from yesterday’s TechCrunch post here, using our Facebook commenting system. The questions have been really good. Questions are also coming in on our Facebook page and on Twitter with the hashtag #techcrunchtv. We’ve got all the social major players covered.

You can watch the interview within this post, on TechCrunch TV or on our Ustream page. We’ll try to get to as many questions as possible.