And The Most Popular ‘Damn You Auto Correct’ Text Of All Time Is …

We’ve written about Damn You Auto Correct before, namely because it managed to eloquently capture the modern zeitgeist of text-based communication failures. I mean this stuff sucks! Just this morning I sent a dm to the wrong person because of Seesmic autofill text and just two hours later had to delete and resend a tweet because of a typo GAH. Fact is the more we type the more chances we have to typo (have you read my posts ever?) and the collective anxiety surrounding these moments of embarrassment has contributed to the popularity of the blog ‘Damn You Auto Correct.’

Just how popular is Damn You Auto Correct? Well since its launch last October the site has cumulatively received almost 300 million page views and, in celebration, has posted a list of the 15 most popular Damn You Auto Correct submissions of all time. At #1 is the fine specimen to the left, edging out my personal favorite The Accident at # 6.

Pophangover CEO Jillian Madison tells me that The Worst Possible Thing To Text To Mom has received overĀ 2,622,164 page views since its posting on April 17th. When asked how many of the top 15 submissions were fake (some of them really are too good to be true, and then there’s this) Madison replied, “I honestly don’t think most of them are fake. Sure, a few people know about these lame text generators, but I don’t think the average DYAC reader/submitter has a clue they exist.” Okay, then.

Madison says that she reads through over 500 Auto Correct fail submissions a day and insists that she can tell a fake when she sees one, “You can tell the fakes because the font is slightly different, the Verizon is blurry, and the green in the bubbles is more vivid.” HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA okay hey, it’s a living.