Instant Instagram Photo Books, Courtesy Of Blurb

Blurb, a startup that lets you create customized books, is launching a new integration today that allows you to create professional-looking photo books of all of your Instagram photos.

Blurb says the integration creates professional quality images and printing as the company automatically increases the resolution of Instagram camera phone images to ensure they will print properly. You can choose from a variety of sizing, paper types and formats, with pricing starting at under $11.

To create a book, users can sign into their Instagram account on Blrub. The most popular image, based on the number of Instagram “likes,” is added to the cover. The most recent photos are then autoflowed into a book that can be previewed and purchased or edited using Blurb’s online bookmaking tool, Bookify.

Instagram has been on a roll. The photo sharing service has well over 5 million users now and roughly 100 million photos have been shared using the app to date. The ability to create books form your Instagram photos is actually compelling because the photo sharing app allows you to apply a variety of filters to your photos to make them more visually beautiful or interesting. Keepsy also allows you to create photo books from your Instagram photos.

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