WordWatch Raises $1.4 Million, Helps Companies Maximize Their AdWords Campaigns

Exclusive – WordWatch, which provides automated pay-per-click keyword bidding solutions to small businesses, has raised $1.4 million in Series A financing in a round led by Prague‐based Credo Ventures.

The startup, which boasts offices in Silicon Valley, Poland and The Netherlands, will use the funds to boost marketing and sales efforts in the US and Europe, and to expand its algorithm operations.

WordWatch basically enables companies to more effectively monitor and optimize their Google AdWords campaigns, which often involve thousands of keywords, by automating the PPC bidding process.

The company’s bidding engine is powered by proprietary algorithms that automatically find the best bid prices for clicks and conversions 24/7, the underlying idea being that business owners should be able to “set and forget” and focus on other things once their AdWords campaigns start.

WordWatch is free to try, with subscriptions starting at $24 per month.