Gresso Develops A $30,000 iPhone Mod For Those With More Money Than Taste

Maybe the ol’ trustfund just kicked in. Maybe you’ve decided you too own a chunk of Facebook, and actually managed to get them to settle. Whatever the case, you’re sitting on a fat pile of cash and are feelin’ gaudy, good taste be damned.

The self-declared luxury phone designers at Gresso, previously mentioned for cramming six ugly clocks into the back of the iPhone (for $6000) and wrapping an iPhone 4 in 200-year old wood (for $5000), are back with another one. This time, they’re looking to get $30,000 for their wares.

This morning, the company disclosed some details regarding a product they’re calling Lady Blanche, pictured above. As you can see, it’s essentially the same design as the aforementioned ugly clock one, with three of the ugly clocks replaced with… little pearl pockets full of diamonds.

The Lady Blanche actually comes in two rich flavors: one with 0.01 carat white diamonds (the $30,000 model), and another with Swarovski crystals in their place (which goes for $7000, instead. Bargaaaain!). The entirety of the back is made of diamond-coated mineral glass, which should keep your flying car’s keys from scratching it be it that they end up in the same pocket.

I kid, but only because I sure as hell can’t afford it. They only have to sell a few for this to work — and chances are, there are just enough oil tycoons out there to make it happen. If I had millions to burn and I’d done my fair share of humanitarian work, you know I’d be rocking this from the great heights of my hybrid mansion-blimp. It doesn’t seem to be up on their site just yet, but PocketLink says it should be available sometime this year.

Shout out ChipChick for the second image, shown below: