AT&T Improves International Data Plans, But They Still Cost Way, Way Too Much

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Traveling over seas? Bringing your phone?

You’ve got at least two things to remember:

  • Put a password on it, and take off all the personal stuff (read: those drunken nudie pics? Yeah, they should probably go.) Getting your phone back after its been misplaced or pick-pocketed is a lot harder when you’re on the roam.
  • Figure out how you’re handling your international data, or you’re gonna come home to the nice surprise of a 70 billion dollar phone bill.

Looking to make their International Data plans a bit more enticing, AT&T has just bumped the allotment of data for each plan. Unfortunately, any of the reasonably big allotments still cost an arm and a leg. Hell, more like multiple arms and legs. I don’t know, how much do arms and legs go for these days? Can I use Wolfram Alpha for this?

The new International Data Plans:

  • $24.99 gets you 50MB (used to get you 20MB)
  • $49.99 gets you 125MB (used to get you 50MB)
  • $99.99 gets you 275MB (used to get you 100MB)
  • $199.99 gets you 800MB (used to get you 200MB)
  • Every 10 megabytes you use over your plan will cost you $10

At over double the value of the old plans, the new plans are certainly an improvement — but you’d have to be pretty crazy to use them. Pro tip: in almost all tourist-friendly countries, you can rent a SIM with unlimited data for a few bucks a day.