Copygram Lets You Download All Your Instagram Photos

Like similar service Instaport, Copygram allows you to easily download all your Instagram photos into one .zip file. In addition the service provides a web interface for the popular photo-sharing app with the ability to search through other people’s Instagrams, download the pics from other users’s feeds as well as print them out through its partnership with SnapFish. You can also share any Instagram through a Copygram link.

Because Instagram has yet to figure out its online presence, web interfaces using its API are nothing new. Copygram (random typos notwithstanding) is the most comprehensive I’ve seen so far. In the nice days since its launch, it’s had over 130K images downloaded and over 540 archives “developed.” Also: It introduced me to the Instagram fanboy blog Instagramers, which is straight up really cool and dorky at the same time.

If any other fans wants to “go deeper” on the appeal of Instagram, you can read Nathan Jurgenson’s┬átake in “The Faux-Vintage Photo Part III: Nostalgia for the Present.”