This Case Lets You Attach An SLR Lens To Your iPhone

Hello friends! Welcome to this week’s edition of Because You Can!

Why would you want to take a super huge telescoping SLR lens and attach it to your iPhone? Because You Can!™©®

Well, you can now that this crazy iPhone SLR Lens mounting kit exists.

Sure, the tiny sensor in your iPhone can’t really take advantage of all of the benefits of a high quality lens — and sure, the size difference between a kit with an iPhone and a kit with a proper body is relatively small once you’ve brought any decent-sized lens into the picture.. but hey, lets see your SLR upload your awesome Desert Safari pictures to Dropbox with nothing but an EDGE connection and a prayer.

The lens mount comes in two flavors: one for Canon EOS lenses, and one for Nikon tubes. Both can be found for the sticker-shock-tastic price of $190 $249 over at Photojojo.