Fly Or Die: Guess Who Doesn’t Like The HP TouchPad?

Erick is a cruel man. Known throughout TC HQ as the “Iron Stampede,” his rages against technology products are epic and legendary. You should have heard him go off on Google+ yesterday. He was livid.

That’s why it’s interesting to see him calmly dismantle the TouchPad in this episode of Fly or Die. Gone is the red faced anger, the spittle, the curses. Instead, he tries it out and comes away disappointed and nonplussed.

I, personally, got a kick out of the TouchPad and I think, if you read my review, you’ll understand that I find this product flawed but more than acceptable.

I think I could be swayed either way when it comes to Palm/HP’s latest, but until I change my mind I’m giving this guy a Fly. Watch the video for Erick’s reaction.

Also, note that the HP Facebook app was made by HP, not Facebook as we mentioned in the discussion.