Rigor Launches Unified Platform for Web and Mobile Performance Management

In the spirit of Google’s “Let’s make the web faster” code campaign, there has been a ton of renewed interest around making web and mobile apps faster and more reliable. Really, this is for the simple reason that improved performance of applications means more visitors, higher search rankings, and lower operational costs. As a result, a growing number of app developers and site owners are spending time and money on performance and speed. Luckily, Rigor, a young startup launching today, has come to the rescue to make managing performance even easier.

Founded in 2010 by David Cummings, a serial entrepreneur and enterprise performance engineer, Rigor aims to give companies (from enterprise to early-stage startups) a way to make their web and mobile apps faster and more reliable. The startup does so by offering a suite of performance testing, automated monitoring, and diagnostic features.

Obviously, the use cases are many. One notable example, however, can be seen in the fact that eCommerce companies tend to keep a watchful eye on the performance of their revenue-generating checkout processes. So, thanks to Rigor, if a code change of, say, a feature addition unexpectedly wreaks havoc on their shopping cart, the site is immediately sent an alert that includes deep diagnostic information to help them quickly find and fix the issue. This quick notification system helps developers and administrators swing into action before customer experience is affected, revenues are lost, ad dollars wasted, and hours are spent hunting for the root cause.

SaaS companies can also keep an eye on (and be notified about changes to) their critical features in the same way. Thus, Rigor provides a unified platform to easily manage web, mobile web, web service APIs, and SaaS platforms. So far, the startup has added clients ranging from Fortune 100 companies to startups, and is on the hunt for some seed funding to keep the client-acquisition humming.

Rigor is currently being priced at $250-a-month for groups, which includes 10 checks per minute, 200 SMS messages a month, 30-day archiving, 5K API requests a month, free training, and unlimited users. The price grade offers professional, enterprise, and ultimate levels, which scale up in price and features, accordingly. You can check out pricing here.

Rigor is offering a 45-day free trial, which TechCrunch readers can access by clicking on this link.