Fon creates largest WiFi network in Belgium – Here's an awesome graphic to explain why

Global WiFi network Fon is partnering up with Belgacom, Belgium’s largest telecommunications company, to create the largest WiFi community in Belgium. Of course, that means Belgacom internet customers now get access to the than 4 million+ hotspots in Fon’s global WiFi network.

Fon allows its WiFi hubs to broadcast two dedicated WiFi signals, one encrypted and private, the public, accessible via password to registered members of the Fon community – they call the “Foneros”.

It’s the latest move from Fon CEO, entrepreneur and internet pioneer Martin Varsavsky who founded Fon in 2006. Fon’s investors include Atomico, British Telecom, the Coral Group, Google, Index Ventures, Sequoia Capital and Skype.

WiFi is a technology which is going to be around for probably a lot longer than we think, despite the onset of LTE / 4G (Long Term Evolution).

WiFi can also offload a lot of data traffic currently congesting mobile networks. As we can see, Mobile is outpacing capacity, especially with the rise of mobile apps.

Just check out this graphic below, via E-consultancy which shows that we generally use mobile data around the house – a lot!