Hit iOS Game "The Moron Test" Coming To Mac/PC, Will Be Amazon's First Digital Game Exclusive

Everyone likes to feel clever. Our brains do all sorts of fun stuff when we do things like complete puzzles or solve riddles; even if the task at hand is somewhat trivial, completing it gives us that shot of serotonin we’re constantly subconsciously striving for.

That’s really the driving idea behind the best-selling iOS/Android game, The Moron Test. Through a series of increasingly difficult but always conceptually simple challenges (like “Crack the egg!” or “Touch the button that isn’t blue!” or “Don’t do anything!”), The Moron Test draws people in — and because everyone always wants to know just how much more clever they are than their friends, the game spreads like wildfire.

After sitting in iOS’ Top 100 Paid apps list for 2 years and finding success on both Android and Windows Phone 7, The Moron Test is about to make the jump out of the mobile world and onto desktops.

Sometime on June 25th (Update: We’ve just been told that the date has changed from June 25th to “soon”,) The Moron Test will launch for both OS X and Windows PCs at a price of $4.99.

Perhaps even more interesting, Amazon has tied up exclusive distribution rights for this one. For the first two weeks after launch, The Moron Test will only be available through Amazon’s digital software store; after that, it’ll presumably hit places like Apple’s Mac App Store and the developer’s own site.

This marks the first time that Amazon has locked down a Mac or PC game as a digital exclusive. Just weeks ago at WWDC, Apple was talking up their Mac App Store as having become the biggest distributor of Mac software (compared to places like Best Buy, or Walmart) in just 6 months. For Amazon to take a title that began its life and then found massive success on iOS and lock it down as an exclusive seems like an oh-so-subtle warning shot in Apple’s direction.