Russia's Yandex.Mail lands on iPhone with IM, camera and location features

Russian search giant Yandex has brought its email service to the iPhone in the form of a native app.

Users get full access to emails from their Yandex.Mail account, along with an IM feature and camera integration so that they take and send a photo all without leaving the iOS app. In addition, there’s support for external personal email accounts and a nifty location feature.

The app is “always ready with an answer to the ‘where are you?’ question”, says Anton Zabannykh, head of networking services at Yandex. This is delivered via a ‘Locate me’ option, which automatically creates a link to a Yandex map with the user’s current location, which can be instantly emailed from the phone. It’s another example of the integrated approach that Yandex can deliver given it’s Google-like array of consumer-facing web services.

Yandex.Mail’s iPhone app joins existing offerings for competing mobile platforms: Android, Windows Mobile, Symbian and Java.