ToutApp Adds An Intelligent Content Manager To Your Email Client

There have been a number of startups that have helped users manage contacts within email clients, such as Gist or Rapportive, but what about an app that helps you better manage the content of your emails. Enter ToutApp (part of the 500Startups Summer Accelerator program), which is is canned email responses on steroids. The startup is announcing they’ve closed an $350,000 seed round from 500 Startups, Esther Dyson, Eric Ries, Daniel Eskapa, NYC Seed Fund, Joshua Baer, and others.

ToutApp aims to solves the repetitive email problem intelligently. The app is really aimed for users who send a large number of outbound emails that have similar content. When you sign up for Tout, and integrate your Gmail account, the app will parse through your emails and identify the different types of mass emails you send. So if you are an entrepreneur, Tout will separate your email pitches to journalists from your email pitches to investors.

You can then send emails to your contacts and simply choose one of the templates that has been created in Tout, and adjust the content based on the contact in various fields.

Tout also includes a host of additional features for email, including the ability to track views, clickthroughs, schedule emails and more. Tout will automatically sync your CRM Contacts and record e-mails, opens, and clicks. For now, you can only send emails via Tout (and can’t reply) but eventually, you’ll be able to do both.

Since the company’s launch six months ago, ToutApp has helped over 2,500 people save over 80,000 minutes in their day-to-day emails through templating, click/view tracking and analytics. ToutApp was founded by Tawheed Kader, who previously co-founded HipCal, an online calendering service which was sold to Plaxo in 2006.

The new cash will be used towards product development; and the startup will soon be releasing an iPhone app.