Foursquare Speeds Up The Check-In Process

In retail, businesses that speed up the check-out process get more business. With Foursquare, it is speeding up the check-in process, which should get people to use it even more. A new release of its iPhone app puts a new check-in button smack in the middle bottom of the app, removing at least one step to check-in bliss.

Before, you had to hit the “Places” button first. Then pick a place, and then check in. Now the Places button is gone, replaced by the Check-In button, which brings up nearby places. You select one and then check in. So what used to be three steps, is now two.

The fewer steps an app requires of users, the more they will tend to use it. Remove barriers and people will flock to your product. At least that’s the theory. Hey, it works in retail.

Another new feature is a “Specials” button in the Explore tab. Now you can Explore by nearby specials. Now that specials are easier to find maybe more people will take advantage of them, and more merchants will offer them.