Apple Stuffs A 3TB Hard Drive Into The Time Capsule And Prices It At $499

Just as the FCC tipped, Apple has a new Time Capsule and it’s rocking a ton of storage. Inside the familiar case is a server-grade 3TB hard drive of unannounced pedigree, which is 1TB more than the outgoing version. But that’s about all that’s changed. The unit still features 3 Gigabit Ethernet ports and a USB host for printer and hard drive sharing. It encrypts 802.11 a/b/g/n with WPA/WPA2 along with 40/128-bit WEP and backs up data to the massive 3TB hard drive through OS X’s Time Machine.

The retiring Time Capsule was due for a refresh. $499 for 2TB is a bit hard to shallow in 2011 (or in2010, for that matter) even for the most devoted since 2TB external hard drives are on the retail market for around $80. Unfortunately the craziness continues with the new model as the 3TB model is priced at the same $499 price point although 3TB drives retail for just $150. Oh well, it’s not like Apple is forcing people to buy their products. *coughcough*

Apple strangely posted the new product page first thing this morning but just released the pricing details some three hours later.