Favorite Moments From Disrupt NYC Day One

Day One of Disrupt in New York City was packed with all-star speakers and interviews. All of the videos from Disrupt can be found here and pictures here, but we wanted to do a quick breakdown of videos and pictures of our favorite moments from Day One.

When Erick Schonfeld sat down with Fred Wilson, we weren’t really ready for what was about to be said. When asked about the Twitter ecosystem and Twitter’s recent moves to discourage app developers from building Twitter clients, Wilson replied by saying, “Don’t be a Google bitch, don’t be a Facebook bitch, and don’t be a Twitter bitch. Be your own bitch.” He went on by saying, “Twitter wasn’t planned. It just happened.” The crowd loved it.


Be sure to watch the whole interview between Schonfeld and Wilson below.

When Foursquare CEO Dennis Crowley took the stage, Michael Arrington was prepared to chat with Crowley about acquisitions, partnerships, valuations, and even a potential partnership with Groupon. Was that all discussed? No, not really. Instead, the talk had something to do with makeup, hand-holding, and an infamous Gap ad in which he modeled for, among other things.


Check out what was really talked about below.

Then, Arianna Huffington took the stage to chat with Nora Ephron and Jay Rosen. After their discussion, the three of them walked off stage, but not before Arrington stole Huffington away for a little impromptu chat. It was a hilarious and unexpected moment, fueled with questions from a curious Arrington. With Arianna dodging most of the questions, she shot back with her funniest response near the end of the chat. “We’re going to go to dinner,” says Arianna, “I’m going to get you drunk, and then we’ll see what happens.”


Be sure to watch the whole conversation in the video below.

Tim Armstrong and Michael Arrington were the last speakers for the day before the Startup Battlefield sessions began. When Arrington asked Armstrong why he wasn’t granted Arianna Huffington’s spot when he was hired, the crowed laughed and became quiet, eagerly waiting for a response. The whole chat between Arrington and Armstrong was pretty funny, and a little awkward at times. Especially when the two of them started talking about AOL’s official drinking day, which is Thursday, and when Mike asked about the internal AOL emails we are continuously kept away from. Armstrong mentioned something along the lines of, “We honestly don’t really ever think about you guys..”


The whole conversation below is a must see.

There were many other discussions that took place, all of which can be found here under the Day One section.

As for Startup Battlefield presentations, they were all incredible. You should all know who the winner was by now (Getaround), and who made it to the finale (all of which can be found here), but one of our favorite presentations from Day One involved a startup that was actually one of the Audience Choice Winners from Startup Alley: Happy Toy Machine.

Be sure to catch their whole presentation below and scroll down to check out some of our favorite pictures from Day One.

Again, a huge thank you to all of our sponsors, partners, and volunteers who helped us make this all possible. Thanks to Zecco who launched Wall Street at Disrupt NYC and placed the first trade on Facebook. And to GE Illustration who captured all of the conference thought-leadership conversations.

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