Sprint To Bump Upload Speeds On Their WiMax Network Up By 50%

Good news, Sprinters! Sprintees? Sprintums? Guh. I never know what to call Sprint customers.

Anyway, you guys are in for a little treat: the upload speeds on your 4G WiMax network? They’re about to get about 50% faster. There is, of course, a little catch.

The catch: upload speeds on Sprint’s WiMax network are currently capped at 1 Mbps… which means that, once the new speeds are in place, you’ll still only be cruising along at 1.5 megabits per second. It’s a bit paltry compared to some of the competition (like the 5-7 Mbps upload speeds Verizon is seeing with their 4G LTE network) — but hey, it’s a free improvement, so no complaining allowed.

Confirmation of the speed upgrade comes from a comment to Phonescoop:

Soon the uplink speed cap on all existing Sprint dual mode and single mode 4G mobile devices will be increased from 1.0 to 1.5 Mbps. Customers may notice uplink speeds as much as 50% faster after the speed cap is raised. We haven’t stated a specific date this will take place.