Mubi signs deal with Sony Bravia to be inside its connected TVs

Mubi has signed a deal with Sony Bravia to be inside its connected TVs. The announcement was made by Efe Cakarel, Founder & CEO, Mubi, at the annual European-focused Founders Forum near London. This is significant as Sony alone expects to sell 24m connected TVs this year and they are not even the market leader, Samsung is.

Mubi bills itself an “an online cinema, anytime, anywhere” and effectively socialises the experience so you can “find a girl in Tokyo who loves Kubrick” as they put it. Mubi has $3.15m in venture backing from the likes of Georges Harik, Aydin Senkut, Joel Peterson, Metin Anter and Eduardo Costantini.

Founded in 2007 by Efe Cakarel, Mubi is backed by Celluloid Dreams, The Criterion Collection and Costa Films, supported by the MEDIA Programme of the European Union, and is the exclusive partner of The World Cinema Foundation and SONY Electronics. MUBI is based in Palo Alto, London, Paris, and New York.