Coder Recruiting Platform CodeEval Now Out Of Beta

Just in time for the impending Silicon Valley talent apocalypse, CodeEval, a platform that uses coding challenges to help recruiters find and filter the best programming candidates for the job, is launching today to the public.

CodeEval takes some of the guesswork that happens when a technical recruiter is not actually technical, pushing only candidates who get the challenges correct to its customers (and on to the next screening phase). “Think of it as a really efficient job board where all the candidates get prescreened,” says founder Jimmy John.

In the same space as CoderLoop, what CodeEval does differently than its competitors is that it allows employers to create their own programming challenges as well as providing extensive language support (10 different Open Source languages).

Right now companies and recruiters can use CodeEval with a the freemium model, with basic features being available for free and more extensive ones (like unlimited applications) now available to everyone in $199 a month and $399 a month packages.

CodeEval is San Francisco-based and part of the i/o Ventures incubator. John tells me that his future plans for the startup include further language and challenge automation support as well as one day expanding the platform to designer screening.