doxo Emerges From Private Beta, Brings Its Paperless Billing Service To The iPhone

One of the easiest ways to “go green” is to start paying your bills online — to cut out that papery middle man. Of course, the paperless revolution seems to be taking longer than expected to sweep the world by storm. Partly, this seems to be due to habit and partly due to concerns over security, privacy, and ease of access. Thankfully, doxo provides users with a cloud-based digital file cabinet that acts as a single unifying resource for all your transactional records, like bills, statements, and benefits, etc. and can notify you of bills via email or SMS.

Today, the startup is introducing doxo Mobile, an app that enables users to safeguard their important financial, household, and personal documents, to travel paper-free, accessing the information anywhere, anytime.

doxo’s mobile app lets consumers connect directly with providers to receive bills, and coming soon, to pay bills for multiple providers from a smartphone — from a single account, with a single password. On the flip side, for providers, doxo allows them multiple access points from which to communicate with their customers when they’re on the go, or at their desktop, enabling companies of all sizes to simplify customer interaction.

Other cool features of doxo’s digital file cabinet? Daily deal vouchers can be stored from multiple sites all in one place, as well as travel portfolios, insurance policies, marriage licenses, and more. You can also store your passwords and important account numbers on the mobile app, too.

And for business, doxo’s eFile cabinet allows companies to increase paperless adoption without having to rely on expensive software. doxo Mobile will initially be available only on the iPhone, but the company says that apps for Android and other platforms are to follow. To get the new doxo Mobile app, check it out here.

doxo raised a $10 million in a series B round in February, which was led by Sigma Partners, with previous investors Mohr Davidow and Bezos Expeditions participating — all while the service was invite-only. This round brought total funding to $15 million and allowed doxo to go live with its mobile service today. Once doxo adds its pay-from-anywhere mobile feature, this app will without a doubt come in handy.

And hey, both the web service and the iPhone app are free. All because doxo saves businesses money on paper. (And the $15 million in funding doesn’t hurt either.)