Cupertino To Jobs: There's No Chance We're Saying No To The Apple Spaceship Campus

While he’s no Steve Jobs, Cupertino Mayor Gilbert Wong has his unique charm. In a press conference today responding to yesterday’s amazing Steve Jobs pitch, Wong said emphatically, “Cupertino is ready for this” referring to the 150 acre “Mothership” Apple campus.

Jobs hopes the fantastic building will be ready to house over 12K employees by 2015 (if everything goes as planned).

“There is no chance that we’re saying no,” insisted Wong, who started his life with Apple IIs and Apple II +s, “The Mothership has landed in Cupertino.”

In his statement Wong referred to the fact that his daughter attends the same middle school as Jobs did as a boy, but insisted that no preferential treatment was given to Apple in this decision, “Every time that we have a large company [which] has a large sales tax produced we are very accommodating to that company.”

Wow, an unabashed “Yes,” and Jobs didn’t even have to include free Wifi! But seriously, how would you react?

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