By Popular Demand, The Music From Disrupt – Available For Download

We’ve gotten a lot of requests for our Disrupt conference theme music. Some conference attendees and webcast viewers apparently can’t get the music out of their heads and want to hear it some more. Instead of picking music from a music production library, this year we created custom tracks.

The music came to us all the way from New Zealand from a company called Smith & Keats Music. They have a background in creating pop hits and have earned a reputation for specializing in music for the tech industry. Other clients have included Nintendo and Sony-Ericsson.

The composers say living in New Zealand gives them exposure to a broader range of artists from around the world. In the US and other countries, the music charts are dominated by local artists. Not so for New Zealand, where they claim only the best of the best makes it to their shores.

The time difference in New Zealand was also a plus. TechCrunch gave Smith & Keats direction and feedback on the music via email late at night, which was midday in New Zealand. So, when we woke up the next day, there was new music sitting in our inbox.

Tanya Porquez, our Event Director for Disrupt, felt strongly that music was key to creating energy and excitement for Disrupt. The music far exceeded her high expectations and she was happy to hear our own theme song and watch people responding and singing along.

Here are the 5 music cuts. Smith & Keats has given us permission to post them online and make them available to download. We even heard about a special dance that developed to them, so dance away.

Track 1. Get Ready to Disrupt [download link]

Track 2. Walk This Way [download link]

Track 3 TechCrunch Disrupt Theme Song (featuring “TechCrunch Disrupt” audio sample; a crowd favorite) [download link]

Track 4 Battlefield Rumble (used for the Startup Battlefield segments and the motorcycle giveaway deliberations) [download link]

Track 5 High Energy Techno [download link]

Photo credit: Joe Corrigan/Getty Images for AOL