Kima, Morin And Brichter-Backed Sparrow 1.2 Is The World's First Social Email Client

In four months simple Mac mail client Sparrow has been downloaded over 300K times, has raised $250K in funding from luminaries like Kima Ventures, Dave Morin (which definitely helped with the Facebook stuff) and from Tweetie creator Loren Brichter.

“We’re not adding social layers to mail for the sake of it,” says CEO Dom Leca. The basic idea is pulling contextual information from your social network that is relevant to the users, and Leca is working on pulling in data for LinkedIn and Twitter.

One of the neatest features of the latest release Sparrow 1.2 is that it has a Facebook Connect option that shows your recipients Facebook profile pictures and it gives you the ability to add them as friends if you haven’t already. “There is no mail client that uses all your social data so far,” says CEO Dom Leca. Hehopes Sparrow will be that.

Here’s the list of new features:

– Facebook friends profile pictures integration

– Add people as Facebook friends

– Unified Inbox

– Gravatar support

– Localization in 8 langages: simplified Chinese, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Dutch, German, Japanese, French and English

The new app is in review should be out in the next day or two. You can find the app here.